Parking Garages

Parking Garages:

Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof (Nordbergstraße 11)
Costs: € 2,90/hour

Garage Bauernfeldplatz (Bauernfeldplatz/Liechtensteinstraße)
Costs: € 2,90/hour

Park & Ride
Park & Ride Parkplatz Spittelau
Park & Ride U3 Erdberg
Park & Ride Hütteldorf
Park & Ride U3 Ottakring
Park & Ride Heiligenstadt
Park & Ride S3 Brünnerstraße
Park & Ride Leopoldau
Park & Ride Liesing
Park & Ride U6 Siebenhirten
costs: € 3/day



Short-term parking in Vienna

Parking in Vienna is not for free.

Parking is only for free, if you are staying in a spot for 10 minutes or less using a purple parking card.

The parking rates are as follows for the park cards: 1 Euro (1/2 Hour), 2 Euro (1 hour) and 3 Euro (1.5 hours) 4 Euros (2 hours). You can park for 10 minutes for FREE. The parking cards can be bought in Tabak Trafik lofts, station attendants in the metro, gas stations, banks and credit unions, at auto clubs and in every vending machine at metro stations.

Districts 1, 4 till 9 and 20 are completely short-term parking zones, while 2 and 3 are partial short-term parking zones.

Outside the Ring Gürtel there are no compulsory parking charges.