Electricity market

The solutions for the electricity market are based primarily on European standards for system operators
Functions for system operators:

  • Receiving and processing of schedules according to ENTSO-E definitions
  • Automatic or manual matching and adjustment of nominations with other TSO´s
  • Procurement of system services

- Auction for primary control (energy)

- Auction for secondary regulation reserve (energy & power)

- Auction for tertiary regulation reserve (energy & power)

- Auction for the compensation of net losses (energy)

  • Dispatching of tertiary reserve offers
  • Auction and administration of cross border transmission rights
  • Settlement of all services including an interface to a book keeping system (e.g. SAP)
Functions for market operators:
  • Administration of all market participants according to the ENTSO-E role model (e.g. balance groups)
  • Processing of measured values, originating from the metering system of the grid operator
  • Administration of load profiles
  • Receiving confirmed nominations
  • Computation of the energy imbalance per balance group
  • Risk monitoring
  • Settlement of the balance energy including an interface to a book keeping system (e.g. SAP)
  • Management of the supplier change
Functions of an energy exchange:
  • Auction system for spot trading
  • Risk monitoring
  • Settlement of trades with interface to Billing/bookkeeping (e.g. SAP)