Our software solutions are based on a modern software architecture that follows the principles component-orientation, modularity, reuse and event-driven processing.

The resulting benefits are:

  • Independence from operating system- support all usual operating systems that can host a JDK
  • Independence data base- at present we support Oracle and MS SQL Server
  • High scalability – the application modules are distributable on several application servers
  • High Security - continuous internal security audits - confirmed by audits of external security experts.
  • Audit trail and logging - recording of selected critical user activities
  • High availability - by components in hot standby mode and sophisticated monitoring functions.
  • Web technology - no software installation on client computer is necessary, an updated web browser is sufficient.
  • Good usability - optimization of business processes; consideration of customer feedback
  • Many configuration options - rapid adjustment to customer's requests
  • High modularity – there are components for all central functions of liberalized energy markets. New components are developed synchronized to the evolution of the markets.
  • Easy integration to existing systems - service oriented system design.
  • Good maintainability - building blocks principle