About us

Smart technologies GmbH (short: smart tech) was founded in the year 1999 by SIEMENS AG Austria (74%) and Tengg and Partner GmbH (26%). Being a manager with many years of know how in the energy business Hansjörg Tengg became CEO. He is leading a core team of well experienced software developers and project managers that had been recruited from Siemens energy departments.
From the beginning the goal of smart tech was to provide complete IT solutions for the liberalized energy markets.
In the first years of existence the company focused on the development of the liberalized Austrian energy markets for electricity and gas.
Therefore in cooperation with companies of the Austrian energy economy until 2003 special purpose companies were founded. Their main target was determining and charging of balance energy in the electricity (APCS) and gas market (AGCS) as well as the providing a spot market place (EXAA). For these companies (see share holding) IT solutions had been developed and they are operative until now.
2004 smart tech engaged in another joint venture with the large CO2 emitters of the Austrian industry to found ECRA (see share holding). The task was the administration of the national register for CO2 certificates. The IT-solution of course has an interface to the to the European register.
2005 the share holders of the special purpose companies decided to create CISMO GmbH (see share holding) in order to optimize the business. The new company took over the employees and the infrastructure to gain a maximum of synergetic effects by concentrating these resources.
2006 together with the Austrian TSOs the OeMAG (see share holding) was founded. This company is in charge of administration and billing resp. refunding of promoted renewable energy in the electricity market. A smart tech IT solution is operative since then.
2007 RIECADO GmbH (see share holding) was founded in cooperation with APG (the main Austrian TSO) in order to provide a platform for international cross border capacity auctions (implicit and implicit flow-based). RIECADO and smart tech then supplied the IT-solution for the Central Auction Office (CAO) for the CEE area.
Since 2004 smart tech has implemented its IT-solutions in numerous other countries (see references). Especially in the beginning the partnership with SIEMENS Energy division and SIEMENS IT division (SBS, later SIS) was a key to success.
Starting from 2005 the architecture of IT-solutions focused on a modular software design. That lead to the “smart tech EM-family” of specialized modules (see products and solutions) which can be combined and configured flexible.
In the year 2009 the SIEMENS AG AUSTRIA reduced its participation to 26% to increase the companies flexibility on the markets and to enable the employees of smart tech the holding of shares. The 26% SIEMENS share was further transferred to her subsidiary SIS. The initial 26%-share of the Tengg and Partner GmbH was placed into a special new holding, the VKS, which acquired the available 48% SIEMENS shares. Key employees got the opportunity to buy shares of the VKS holding, in order to preserve their know-how for the company.
In the year 2011 SIEMENS sold its IT-subsidiary SIS to ATOS ORIGIN and in return acquired a 15% portion of this enterprise. On 4 July 2011 this transaction got valid and the merged enterprise ATOS became a 26% partner of smart tech.
Smart technologies acquired retroactively on 1.1.2012 all shares from Austrian Power Grid and Cismo to Riecado, therefore gained 100% ownership.
Based on this new partner structure, besides its good connections in the national Austrian energy industry, smart tech has got actually improved access to the international markets. We are looking forward to a continuing and promising cooperation with ATOS, an IT-company having 75.000 worldwide, and SIEMENS energy division.